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Because I promised [ profile] frotcake
OK OK I MIGHT HAVE GOT CARRIED AWAY... MAYBE. A LITTLE. I know it's not all about highschool but I thought I'll just add fics I really adore and where the boys behave like they're in highschool as well. WHATEVER. GO, READ & ENJOY! :D

Beyond the Neon Trees, by [ profile] mightypretty
Summary: Merlin’s life isn’t perfect, he drinks, he steals and even has a few puffs of the good stuff just to get by some days. He has his friends, his art and his mum, who has to juggle three jobs just to make ends meet. He also has Arthur, who brings with him a whole new heap of problems. Falling in love with your best friend is never easy; especially when you’re living in the deadbeat rundown Holly Street Estate in East London.

Where I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In), by [ profile] suntipped
Summary: In which Merlin is Arthur's best friend's younger brother.

To the Syntax of Things, by [ profile] suntipped
Summary: Arthur/Merlin, first kiss in the toilet of the school. Denial as usual.

We'll Run Like We're Awesome Totally Genius
Summary: Merlin is the popular one all the boys and girls like. Arthur is the one who pines.

Pairing Pendragon/Merlin, by anon.
Summary: Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta

MasterChef This Is Not, by [ profile] phantomjam
Summary: Best friends become lovers. By fucking in the middle of Uther's snazzy kitchen and vaguely indicating their feelings through the medium of omelette.

Arthur and Merlin's Big Gay Vacation, by [ profile] giselleslash
Summary: Merlin and Arthur like to go on yearly Man Trips, a.k.a. Big Gay Vacations, where there are issues about missing socks, luggage choices and true love (when both participants are sober).

The Student Prince, by [ profile] pandarus
Summary: This story was inspired by thoughts of the RL Prince William (and indeed Max Von Hapsburg, scion of the Holy Roman Empire) studying at the University of St Andrews. And, just a little, by the recollection of the operetta The Student Prince. It is (or at least will be) Merlin/Arthur, as well as various other pairings.

Prove All My Hypotheses, by [ profile] minor_hue
Summary: Merlin is an emo/scene kid. Arthur is a jock with a secret kink for emo/scene kids. They meet in a club and chaos ensues.

Arthur and the Real Boy, by [ profile] frantic_allonsy
Summary: Merlin is an indie geek who works at a used books, cd and record store. (And by indie geek anon would like the whole stereotype. Listens to weird rock bands, read obscure books, big black framed glasses.)

Arthur is the average golden-boy-super-jock-perfect-preppy-soccer-captain. He sees Merlin somewhere and instantly starts going out of his way, going to Merlin's store, reading his weird books and listening to his weird music just to impress him.

Crash Into Me, by [ profile] dreamdustmama
Summary: At the end of their first year of university Arthur decides to take Merlin on a road trip, and holds on to the hope that before it's over they'll be more than just friends. Morgana decides she and Gwen are going to come along, and Merlin and Gwen decide they're both insane. Along the (admittedly short) road to true love there are roller coasters, flat tires, chocolate, sheep, pillow fights, food fights, keychains, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Learning Experiences, by [ profile] leashy_bebes
Summary: Arthur and Merlin put their free period to use in a manner the school board probably did not intend.

Study Date, by [ profile] leashy_bebes
Summary: Arthur wasn't expecting Merlin to actually bring text books on their 'study date'.
Set in the same universe as "Learning Experiences". Not really necessary to have read that first.

When the music changes, so does the dance, by [ profile] giselleslash
Summary: The boys are in high school and the winter dance is coming up. Arthur thinks he should school Merlin in the fine art of the waltz and Merlin just wants to make it through it all without succumbing to teenage angst, after school detention and Christmas dinner at the Pendragons.

Heartbreak, Secret Friends, and Stupid Doodles, by [ profile] i_know_its_0ver
Summary: Modern uni AU: Merlin has a secret crush on Arthur, who has no idea who he is. When Arthur has a bad break up, Merlin takes it upon himself to cheer him up. Secretly, of course.

Trouble, by [ profile] derryere
Summary: Boarding school comment fic: they're roommates and Arthur's a little infatuated and a dick and stuff.

Universal Language, by [ profile] fuzzytomato02
Summary: Arthur always wanted to seduce Merlin in the library.

Laundry Letters, by [ profile] dysonrules
Summary: Arthur attends a prestigious university and seems to have everything going his way… except for an inability to do his own laundry.

On That Last Night, by [ profile] giselleslash
Summary: Merlin has had a crush on Arthur for ages. It's the last night of university so it's pretty much now or never.

Learn by going
Summary: Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU. Arthur offers to help Merlin revise for his exams. Grateful for the offer, Merlin writes his notes all over Arthur's gloriously naked body. Because the best way to memorise something is if it's written all over your boyfriend's ribs, right?

The Double Single, by [ profile] incapricious
Summary: Arthur was supposed to have a single, but instead he has Merlin.

Rediscovering the Familiar, by [ profile] rebeccaann08
Summary: Arthur's new at school, and he's a jock, so he probably shouldn't be seen hanging around with nerds like Merlin. Right?

The Function of Love, by [ profile] rotrude
Summary: Merlin is the new scholarship boy at Wakefield. He literally runs into Arthur Pendragon one day.

Hypothetically, Yours, by [ profile] itachitachi
Summary: Arthur and Merlin are best friends, and neither of them is a member of the Magic Club. All is as it should be, until it isn't.

No Sense of Responsibility, by [ profile] hermette
Summary: In which making out in the library has unfortunate circumstances, until it doesn’t anymore.

The Pendragon Guide to How Not to Date, by [ profile] definewisdom
Summary: Modern day student AU. Still set in Britain. Morgana sends Arthur on some blind dates that don’t go quite according to plan.

Driving Lessons, by [ profile] hermette
Summary: It's bad enough that Arthur is going to have to get a stupid fucking stats tutor because he spends all of his lectures staring at the back of Merlin's neck and wondering what sort of noises he'd make if Arthur scraped his teeth against all that pale skin. But now, now he's supposed to tolerate Merlin showing up at his door early in the morning with snowflakes clinging to his eyelashes? Now he's supposed to spend four hours alone in a car with him, and fuck all, there is no way Arthur comes out of this without making some manner of arse out of himself.

Drugstore Flowers, by [ profile] lady_ragnell
Summary: Merlin starts to receive lovely gifts (and less-lovely flowers) from a secret admirer.

In Love With My Radio, by [ profile] munchinglunch
Summary: Merlin listens to the radio on his iPod, Arthur stalks Merlin, Morgana lives to create chaos in Arthur's life, and then everyone goes to McDonalds!

This is Why (the Dictionary Invented the Word No), by [ profile] caliofthecastle
Summary: In order to win back the affections of an ex, Arthur has gotten himself caught up in a bet to transform the socially awkward into the socially acceptable. Features evil!Sophia, clueless!Merlin, hippy!Hunith and bit-of-a-tart!Will (in short: the highschool!AU that steals the plot from the She's All That movie)

The Could In People, by [ profile] junkshop_disco
Summary: As Christmas approaches, Merlin wonders how on earth he's going to introduce his boyfriend Arthur - son of the infamous Tory cabinet bigwig Lord Pendragon - to his lefty, CND protester, egg-throwing, mum.

Roll 15 for an Insight Check, by [ profile] caliofthecastle
Summary: Arthur has always known exactly who he was, what was expected of him and the privileges to be gained from it. What he couldn't figure out was where an off-center, too skinny best friend and a crush who seemed to notice everyone but him, fit in. Includes: HighSchool!AU. Jealous/pining!Arthur. Slightly criminal!Merlin. Rugby matches. D&D games. Lots of cluelessness and denial. One sided Merlin/Gwaine and Arthur/Gwen.

Teenage Dream, by [ profile] tourdefierce
Summary: "Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight."- Katy Perry

Palm To Palm, by [ profile] jasmasson
Summary: Merlin's lyrics probably aren't as good as Shakespeare's verses, but then Arthur's no Romeo.

Morgana Was a Friend of Mine, by [ profile] winterstorrm
Summary: Morgana's got her sights set on the new kid; not Merlin though – as far as he is concerned, Arthur Pendragon and his perfect face and perfect ass can take a hike.

Summertime, Starry Sky, by [ profile] lolafeist
Summary: During the summer before his senior year, Merlin notices that his friend Morgana's little brother Arthur isn't so little anymore.

High Education, by anon.
Summary: Modern-Highschool!AU. They have all their classes together. No one knows they're together except a few of their friends. One day, there's an in-class movie and Merlin and Arthur sit in the back and jerk each other off. Kind of the whole getting off from being in public/not knowing when the lights are coming back on/need to pay attention to movie/keep quiet so not to get in trouble...



Last but not least:
Have a lovely week everyone! *squishes* ♥
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